Paper Battery Company is developing ultrathin supercapacitors to enable revolutionary, system-level power and energy solutions. Our complementary platform product lines help designers speed time-to-market and fit even the most-demanding Industrial Designs.

Our supercapacitors and integrated solutions enable power and energy management to be a product-level value proposition with smaller size, greater energy efficiency, and longer runtimes that fit your industrial design.


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Our unique form factors and rapid customization capability enables integration of rapid power storage with a variety of structural and functional materials and into previously unused open spaces within your design.

While these proprietary capabilities open up a broad range of applications in areas from medical and consumer wearable electronics, Internet of Things, wireless toys, and backup power for cloud computing, to transportation, the company is focused on launching products with partners who have high value added applications uniquely addressed by our products’ feature sets. Click below to learn more.

Technology Platform

Paper Battery Company’s technology is based on never-seen-before combinations of supercapacitor energy and power densities, combined with ultrathin footprints and placement options. A supercapacitor-based power array delivers multiple, system-level functionalities simultaneously for meeting cost, size and performance requirements in demanding applications.

Providing new energy and power management systems that can integrate with products in ways that were not previously possible, Paper Battery Company products will change the way the world think about energy and power management.


Please contact a Paper Battery Company representative to explore how these capabilities can support your design’s needs for reducing both time-to-market and Bill of Materials cost and count.


The Paper Battery Company has designed a game changing ultrathin supercapacitor with industry-leading performance. Supercapacitors enable companies to select smaller batteries without compromising energy or peak performance and the company’s patented form factor solution allows for revolutionary size changes in wearables, accessories, and mobile electronics.